Consumer startups are a hard category to grow a business in with very few winners. The usual playbook involves building something with a lot of user engagement, raising and burning a bunch of money on advertising for that business all over the place, and then layering on ads or merchandize to convert all of that user attention into revenue. The usual successful examples you may recognize are games, or social ladder startups where users can climb up with high follower ranks by generating free content for the ads network (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, you name it) etc. My contrarian view when I started was to build something 10+ times better by not treating users as distractable dummies. Instead I started to build a platform where you can collect things you want to get or do for yourself and loved ones, and then grow and fulfill those dreams over time, while preserving family memories in one safe place fo years to come. A family hub. A shared brain if you will. A dream list.

The business model you pick becomes your boss for the duration of a company's existance. Raising mone