Lessons From Bootstrapping

Life is about output. No matter how brilliant, creative, or insightful you are, any thought not preserved or put into action, blows through and away like a lightning in a storm. Startups, too, stand out through the overflows in value they add to the lives of customers. So how can a little bitty consumer company, built by a software engineer win against VC funded competitors and giants with huge advertising income? By building something no company with an advertising business model would want to outdo: doing what Netflix did to broadcast and cable TV. A safe, private, ads-free agent, advocating and constantly working for consumers and families who are collaborating and shopping online.

DreamList went through a ton of iteration from the start, just to make the technical architecture choices in the foundation of a bootstrapped company.

This article is a work in progress. Whenever I sit down to work on it, work picks up for DreamList. I'm about to launch a mobile app. Check back later for more...