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What is Love, Computationally?

There in no better-tested algorithm than life. It grows to fill all available resources, adapts to challenges, fills any crevice of energy. It

Listening is an investment

Sharing with others and being heard is a human need. Listening to someone when the information is not relevant to you is an investment in the relationship. Facebook and twitter have won not because they let you share (any blog can do that), but because the single-click feedback of likes makes you feel heard.

Your true Boss is your source of funding

To keep a business alive, you need to make money. Your business model sets your direction going forward, as it determines both your growth curve and alignment towards your users and customers (hopefully those two are the same). To raise VC money, your have to be able to prove that you will become the only business in your industry (or top 2-3 if the industry is big enough) and fight that zero sum game to get there with that war chest (and thus IPO) or die trying.