Sharing ideas that are better off bouncing around a few more brains than going stale in a notebook. We are all learning machines. I share these as an open discussion. If one strikes you as worthy of conversation, email your thoughts to blog [at] (The best will be reposted with credit here.). I'm brainstorming a better format for discussion on these. Documenting a pattern is both a way to trace how my prediction fares over time and to collect feedback from you. Think of it as our game of mental tennis that produces useful outcomes.

Quality depends on the breadth of options.

Let's talk about choice. You have limited resources and strive for an amazing outcome. If you are lucky and quality depends on a single dimension, the answer is a number's game. Whether it's an investment; Money for a gift; Time on vacation; Or a limited lecture time with curious minds. You may find one in 1000 ideas good and one in a million is groundbreaking. To choose the best, you need a lot of ideas and some filtering mechanisms. An optimal move would be to expand your range of ideas and optimize your filter. You may also run your filter options through a contest of their own.