Mind vs Body

Photo of Varna slums by Anna Hristova.Photo of Antenas on tin shacks in the Varna slums by Anna Hristova.

We are born a mind inside a body. The two evolve at very different paces pulling the rug under eachother to places that may not always favor both. Growing up in Bulgaira I was fortunate to live in an enviroment where, while my mind felt isolated from the world, my body never suffered for lack of most basics. I always noticed how in the poorest areas, life went on without many necessities, yet no matter how dilapidated, even tin shacks in the slums sported satelite dishes. When bodies are limited by circumstance, minds excape elsewhere.

The physical world we live in may improve slowly, but that escape space is a universe of universes that expand every day. Books, ideas, stories, news, movies, games, enviroments, virtual, and physical social communities, all beckon and compete for the brain time of humans racing in their own physical worlds. The discrepancy between mental or physical capabilities and the limitations of your environment winds you up like a spring and the kinetic force captured unleashes as ambition for the rest of your life. Your scars from that experience ache every time you spot a risk of falling backwards, to remind you to keep pushing forward.

I grew up as a mind that felt caught under a lid in a small river town in northeast Bulgaria with no traffic lights or english teachers.

Be like water